(*SIGH*) 3b1 monitor question.

Arthur Wouk wouk at alumni.colorado.edu
Mon May 20 03:29:58 AEST 1991

In article <1991May18.161722.21388 at colnet.uucp> res at colnet.uucp (Rob Stampfli) writes:
>The most common problem with 3B1 monitors is a failure mode where the right
>side of the screen becomes increasingly nonlinear.  Once this starts, it
>proceeds at an exponential rate until the monitor fails.  The problem is
>a bad capacitor in the flyback circuitry.  If it is caught prior to the
>actual failure of the monitor, this is all that has to be replaced.  Once
>the capacitor fails, it takes out many hard-to-replace parts, like the
>flyback transformer, effectively rendering the monitor unrepairable at any
>reasonable cost.
is there only one capacitor in the flyback circuitry, or is there a
particular one to replace? if so, what are the specs?
arthur wouk 
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