Failure of iswind()

Edward M. Markowski emm at iczer-1.UUCP
Wed May 29 11:43:34 AEST 1991

In article <1991May24.203238.7990 at>, jeffrey at (Jeffrey L Bromberger) writes:
| Just for fun, I tried the following command from my VAX to my
| ethernet'ted 3b1:
| % rsh notvax /usr/games/klondike
| Now, considering the fact that I'm not logged in on the console, this
| should fail.
| Any idea why all these games (klondike/mahjongg/rocks/bugs) all have
| this behavior?  Is it only seen when using the ethernet package?

This seems to be a problem an all of the ports.

The solution I have used for this problem is to make shure that the
major number of the control tty and /dev/window match, this seems 
to work well.

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