Graphics on Ethernet

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Wed Dec 13 12:53:50 AEST 1989

I received this from a friend that has no access to news. Please, reply
straight to him if possible. Address is below.

 RW at buenga.BU.EDU 

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We have a PC which we have connected to the Boston University Campus
Computer network through Thick Ether-net.  We have an EXECELAN brand 
Controller board (Execelan Corp.  -  California based company).  The
version of TELNET supplied with the hardware does not support graphics,
just text (VT100).

What we need is a graphics emulator which will work with the hardware
and will do graphics....(Either VT240, VT640, Regis, Tektronix 4010, or
something similar)

I would really appreciate if you could give me anything at all that I 
could go on.  Program, company, or a distributor.  I tried calling the
company which makes the hardware and they couldn't tell me anything at 

Anyway, I'd appreciate any info you could give me at all.  Thanks and 
G'night.				Bob.

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I mean it. Send your replys to

 <RW at buenga.BU.EDU>

(if possible ;-)

I can of course link them to him too :-)


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