Displaying FrameMaker on 386/ix X11

Reinhard Jahn reinhard at ixos.UUCP
Sat Apr 7 02:26:04 AEST 1990

Hi netlanders,

currently we are evaluating the possibility of using FrameMaker as our
major documentation tool. At the moment we have a demo version,
FrameMaker for X11, Version 1.3, running on a Sun SparcStation 1.
There are several display stations attached to the system and these include 
X Server for Siemens 9733, DECstation 3100, NCD X-Terminal and PCs 
running ISC 386/ix with XVGA Server Release 1.1.
Unfortunatly, only the XVGA Server is giving us trouble. Since all others
work well we suspect that the problem lies in the XVGA Server.
The main problem centers on the fact that the XVGA can not handle
colors properly. Under certain circumstances, white background
is displayed as black background, although the defaults are set
properly.  This is especially disturbing when one considers that
Framemaker only uses black and white.

A further problem crops up when either  Pull Down Menu or
a dialog box is  closed.  The underling screen is not restored properly,
but rather a black rectangle or box remains where the Menu or box was.

We tend to rely heavily upon using the PC/386s as X servers, hence it
of utmost importance to us to know whether there are solutions

Please reply by E-mail to reinhard at ixos.uucp.

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