Are UW? (was Re: A general Thanks)

Tom Frauenhofer tvf at cci632.UUCP
Wed Jan 3 05:16:27 AEST 1990

In article <4820 at> arasmith at emory.UUCP (David Arasmith) writes:
>In article <-NXN9ficc at> peter at (Peter da Silva) responds
>to my question:
>>The other problem with uw is that it's a logical subset of PPP, and people
>>are waiting for Godot.
>What's PPP, or, for that matter, Godot?  Are these other methods of
>multiplexing a serial line?  (Is this the dumbest question of the new year?)

GoDot (S. Beckett Software) is an idle daemon that chews up all the
available time on your system.  Execution is halted when you log in to the
'godot' account (password: endgame).

GoDot consists of two processes that send messages back and forth checking
to see if 'godot' has logged in.  This design was done to insure that no
cycle goes wasted.

Oh, yes. :-).

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