Vectra SCSI + BellTech vs SCO questionseseses

Larry Snyder larry at nstar.UUCP
Tue Jan 16 22:34:17 AEST 1990

> 	Also, which do people like better- BellTech or SCO unix?  What
> are the diffs?  I currently have BellTech, but can get a copy of SCO if
> it looks worthwhile.  Do either have 387 support?  (and trap if none
> present?)

I haven't tried BellTech or SCO Unix - but I have tried and am running
Interactive Unix which I runs very well.  I admit, it took some time to
get the system fully "tweaked" - but she's running - and very solid.    

SCO Unix has the "Acer" file system - which is supposed to be almost
as fast as what is being used with the ISC product.   

Whatever your choice, if you plan to be doing some heavy IO, you might
want to consider a smart serial board to keep the primary CPU from becoming
bogged down doing IO.
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