Eroff bugs

Tony Olekshy tony at oha.UUCP
Thu Jun 14 13:55:10 AEST 1990

John Pettitt (jpp at writes that there is a bug in the Xenix
version of Elan tbl that he is running on SCO Unix, and recommends that you
don't buy Elan product because they won't support it.

I have been a happy user of Eroff for some four years, and I've used it
as the engine for a markup language that places heavy demands on troff, eg,
stack push and pop macros.  Perhaps if you could let the net know about the
problem we (I) could help you with a workaround.

In the mean time, I think John should have said, ``Don't buy a Xenix port
of Eroff for SCO Unix, they won't support it.''

Yours etc., Tony Olekshy.               Internet: oha!tony at CS.UAlberta.CA
					    uucp: alberta!oha!tony

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