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Dave Armbrust dma at pcssc.UUCP
Thu Jun 7 16:15:37 AEST 1990

In article <1990Jun5.100916.19842 at> richard at (Richard Foulk) writes:
>>Yes this is true!  Not to worry all yes votes received after May 21st got
>>the same message!  Only votes received after May 21st got this message.
>>Elliot Lear has not let me know if I can count all votes received between May
>>21st and June 1st.  Please don't flame me I am just trying to follow the rules!
>Anyone have an estimate as to how much faster yes votes travel than no votes?

I went by the date posted rather then the date received.

Remember the person you are flaming is a human rather then a machine.  I can
only do my best.  This has been rather difficult with guidelines that intends
something different then what it states.   I hope someday we take the time
to revise the guidelines.  Because of my enthusiasm for the group
comp.unix.sco it has been assumed that I have been less then honest
with the vote.

For the first three weeks the vote did look like it could succeed, the
majorty were voting yes, inspite of the yes/nay issue and cries of the 
vote being `fishy`.  This proved in my mind that I was justified in
calling for the vote.  Then the controversy regarding the vote being honest
started to take it's toll.  The guidelines state that I could not say how the
vote was going.  Since I did not state at this point that the vote was failing
then net assumed that the vote was passing.  It was also assumed that the only
way it could pass was that I was being dishonest.  Because of the assumed
dishonesty I received alot of no votes from neters that stated they would not
normally vote but felt a duty to do so.  I had many ask their yes votes to be
removed and many more that asked for me to change their votes from yes to no.

I do not know if this vote would have succeeded without this controversy,
but it sure would have been more 'honest'.  As it is comp.unix.sco failed
563 no to 450 yes for a total vote count of 1013.  BTW the results of the
vote was posted to new.announce.newgroups and news.groups on Monday June 4th,
Eliot Lear (the moderator) has yet to post them to the net.
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