386ix and Parallel Printers

David Mason mason at oct1.UUCP
Thu May 3 21:14:46 AEST 1990

In article <15427 at bfmny0.UU.NET> tneff at bfmny0.UU.NET (Tom Neff) writes:
>My advice: If you're not really running multi-user, ditch the spooler.
>It's a pain in the caboose.  Just pump to /dev/lp and have a nice day.

There is also a signifiacant saving in main memory if you don't use the
spooler.  On ISC 2.0.2 it takes 181k every time you type "lp".  On
straight AT&T 3.2 it's about 244k.

On the other hand, I have never had more support hassles than from
packages that try to get smart and talk straight to a SERIAL printer
port.  Try explaining "stty -a" to an accountant.
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