SYSVR4 available to students/faculty for $100?

Sean Casey sean at
Sun Sep 2 15:53:24 AEST 1990

tek at (Thomas E. Kunselman) writes:

|I saw a posting on one of the local bulletin boards at University of
|Kentucky saying that AT&T SYSVR4 executeables were available to students
|for $100 which was basically the cost of copying and media.

Math Sciences bought an Educational Source License for $5K. This lets them
put source on a number of CPUs (10 I think) and license more. It lets them
give away binary sets for a licensing fee of ~$100 each. If one includes
TCP/IP, X-windows (and something else, can't remember), it adds up to ~$200.

This deal includes anyone falling under the terms of the agreement, which
includes binaries for university machines, and for students (for educational
purposes only). 

One of the caveats is that Math Sciences got source only, with only the
bare bones binaries needed to compile the full set. This makes things a
lot messier, for now ms must compile and organize a binary distribution.
You can imagine how the admin feels about that :).

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